Vision, Mission and Objectives


To produce internationally acknowledged engineers well-qualified and also to give its support the performance of local activities in to benefit the region and its people.


(1) To collaborate on technologies and facilities with the universities, organizations and factories of home and abroad.

(2) To make a continual production of well-qualified and well-energetic engineers.

(3) To carry out projects and research work for the welfare and interests of the region and its people.


“The higher the technology, the developer the country”


  • To attain the recognition of Quality Assurance for undergraduate programs of Technological University (Myeik) by Myanmar Engineering Council (MEngC) Accreditation Committee in 2024.
  • To be less than 8% of drop-outs of students attending the undergraduate engineering courses.
  • To perform till 80% of customer satisfaction is obtained according to ISO 9001:2015 Standard for the Quality Management System and Quality Policy of the university.