Dr. Aung Naing Myint


Ph.D (McE) ၊ Mechatronic

Ph: +959262542554


Studied B.E - Mechatronic Engineering at Mandalay Technological University,Myanmar,April 2002.
Studied M.E - Mechatronic Engineering at Yangon Technological University,Myanmar,July 2003.
Studied Ph.D - Mechatronic Engineering at Mandalay Technological University,Myanmar,January 2007.
1. Principal,Technological University (Myeik),Myanmar,Since 2.9.2019
2. Principal,Technological University (Dawei),Myanmar,(8.1.2010 to 30.8.2019)
3. Lecturer, West Yangon Technological University,Myanmar,(20.8.2008 to 31.12.2009)
4. Lecturer, Mandalay Technological University,Myanmar,(14.1.2008 to 17.8.2008)
5. Lecturer,Government Technical Institute (Pyinoolwin),Myanmar,(1.1.2008 to 13.8.2008)
6. Lecturer,Technological University (Myitkyina),Myanmar,(14.8.2006 to 9.1.2008)
7. Lecturer,Technological University (Pathein),Myanmar,(1.2.2005 to 27.7.2006)
8. Assistant Lecturer,Government Technical Institute (Insein),Myanmar,(18.6.2002 to 2.9.2003)
9. Demostrator, Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar,(26.1.2000 to 17.6.2002)
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